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Judgment-free, confidential support, designed to teach you how to discipline kids without Rewards & Punishments

Problem Solve With Natasha

Natasha Ramchandani

Certified & Licensed

Positive Discipline Educator

My mission is to empower the community with proven positive discipline skills and tools for better communication, parenting, teaching, and living! 


I help my clients reduce power struggles, minimize sibling rivalry, by understanding the scientifically proven belief behind behaviour and to use challenges as opportunities for teaching.


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What I Specialize In

Parenting Perspective

Establishing Connection

Solution Focused Approach

Respectful Routines

Personalized Parenting Plan


A positive practical approach to parenting with realistic strategies that are backed by scientific research. 


Perfect for caregivers with children 18 mths-16 yrs old.

"Got to know many mistakes that v do on regular basis and don't even realise...until today, wid definitely follow u on insta 🤗"

- Meher

"Your methods are so simple & clear to follow which I have already started yesterday and I can already see a change in my daughter"

- Alpana

"I cant thank you enough for today. I know it will change my relationship with my family."

- Riya

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